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YEAR / 2021 / ongoing

CLIENT / VE.CO srl Costruzioni Generali

TIPOLOGY / Residential

LOCATION / Verona / VR / Italy

SIZE / 12.192 sqm / 5.132 sqm habitable

WORKSTAGE / Commission / Concept, Preliminary, Definitve, Executive design

Project for a new residential complex in Palazzina, at the edge of the city and the Adige Park. The masterplan provides for the realization of a big public park of 4.520 square meters, a residential area, streets and sidewalks.

The residential area is characterized by semi-detached houses and independent villas.

Particular attention in the design has been put to get an alternation of solids and voids, so that a volumetric  articulation can be perceived from different views. In addition, the buildings offer a visual penetration that allows to lighten the facades and the volumes.

Since the area is very close to the Adige Park and to the countryside, in the project are used distinctive features such as pergolas: covering the terraces, they are conceived as extension of the roofs, in order to convey a modern country house look to the dwellings.

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