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YEAR / 2017 / completed

CLIENT / VE.CO  s.r.l. Costruzioni Generali

TIPOLOGY / Residential

LOCATION / San Giovanni Lupatoto / VR / Italy

SIZE / 2.922 sqm / 2.370 cum

WORKSTAGE / Commission / Concept, Preliminary, Definitive, Executive design, Construction Management


M&E / TEC s.r.l. - Tecnologia e Consulenza

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY / VE.CO  s.r.l. Costruzioni Generali

Urban renovation project involving the construction of a new residential complex and the realisation of public standards like a green area and a parking. The project provides for different types of residential units.
The complex consists of two semidetached houses and an apartment building, for a total amount of eight residential units.

Particular attention has been taken to guarantee the private large garden to all the units, as a hinge with the surrounding countryside.
In the villas, the living and the sleeping area are clearly distinguished and separated by the stairwell and the entrance area; at the basement there are a tavern, a bathroom and a spa area, at the grond floor a master bedroom and a bathroom, at the first floor other two bedrooms and a bathroom.
The shading of the internal living room is obtained by the inclination of the shape to the South, which confers also dynamism to the buildings. The shading system on the main facade to the south optimizes the natural sunshine during the winter period and, on the contrary, protects the glazed facade during the summer one: in this way, the sun's path is the element that determines the building's shape.

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