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YEAR / 2009

DESIGNER / Arch. Fulvio Osti

TIPOLOGY / Pavilion

LOCATION / Trento / Italy

SIZE / 600 sqm

ROLE IN THE PROJECT / 3D modeling, Rendering


Preferably located in an outlying area of the city, where urban spaces, as it happens, have yet to define themselves, this Tradeshow Pavilion could reflect its presence in the surrounding areas, where it may bring some quality where it isn’t always present. The structure is created with a steel skeleton and with its perimeter closures created with dry, layered materials. The exterior ventilated vestment is created with thick slabs of Cor-Ten® steel. The apparently decisive approach is very clear and visibile through double ramps that materialize into a turbine plant. The interior space is all tied to the central core of the ticket office, and of the gadgets as a pretext to emphasize the poetry of the whole. The artifact appears to break into two parts in order to highlight the ambivalence of the access points, and to speed up the perception of spaces in accord with this new sensibility. Eye-catching light capturing areas accompany the outline of this creation, while two water basins enrich the surroundings.


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