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YEAR / 2008 / 2009

TIPOLOGY / Shopping Mall / Trade Fair Center / Office building / Park

LOCATION / Verona / Italy

SIZE / 150.000 sqm

WORKSTAGE / Master degree thesis

SUPERVISOR / Arch. Giorgio Cacciaguerra, Arch. Claudia Battaino, Arch. Fulvio Osti, Ing. Maurizio Piazza, Ing. Christian Baldessari


Functional recovery and urban requalification of the former Fruits and Vegetables Market in Southern Verona.

The project concerns the requalification of an abandoned industrial area which could become a new part of the city, with a big area to be used as a public park, an underground parking, new office buildings, a new connection with the Fair and a covered square in the old parabolic structures, which was meant to be a new Forum. This place, once dedicated to a market, was thought to perform the function of aggregation and meeting it had in the past. The new glazed inserts float like clouds in the existing space without touching the structure, offering a new elevated walkway that allows to appreciate from a different point of view the series of parabolic arches.

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