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YEAR / 2020 

CLIENT / Borgo Trento Immobiliare

TIPOLOGY / Offices

LOCATION / Verona / Italy

SIZE / 70 sqm / 280 cum 

WORKSTAGE / Commission / Concept, Preliminary, Definitive, Executive design

Renovation project for a Real Estate agency.

The insertion of a glazed rounded pod inside the existing space brings back to the 60’s “space age”.
Also other elements, from the partitions of the offices to the furnishings, are distinguished by curve lines, which represent the common thread of the intervention.

The choice was starting from the shades of the floor, using lacquered wood for the bookshelves and walnut wood for the desks to harmonize different colours and materials.

The conceptual diagrams, drawn in the preliminary phase, shows the space as a subtraction process.

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