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YEAR / 2020 / completed

CLIENT / VE.CO srl Costruzioni Generali

TIPOLOGY / Residential

LOCATION / San Giovanni Lupatoto / VR / Italy

SIZE / 1.460 sqm / 1.485 cum habitable

WORKSTAGE / Commission / Concept, Preliminary, Definitive, Executive design, Construction Management


M&E / TEC s.r.l. - Tecnologia e Consulenza

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY / VE.CO  s.r.l. Costruzioni Generali

Project for a new 4-units apartment building, the last part of a development plan under construction in the city of San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR).
The volume has been split in two parts, creating an high central void containing the common staircase, full-height glazed.

This solution allows a visual penetration through te building and also reduces the impact of the main facade, wich looks lighter and permeable.

The two units at the ground level dispose of private garden, while the two units at the first floor have wide terraces and are directly connected to the attic floor.

The terrace spaces are highlighted with cantilivered slabs, while the wall is recessed within the building, leaving free the corner pillars. In this way the building appears "excavated" on the corners and the volume looks less compact.

The play of the colours contributes to break the simmetry of the building.

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