YEAR / 2018 / ongoing


TIPOLOGY / Residential

LOCATION / San Pietro in Cariano / VR / Italia

SIZE / 1.400 sqm / 2.000 cum

WORKSTAGE / Commission / Concept, Preliminary, Definitive, Executive design

PROJECT PARTNER / Ing. Mattia Guardini

M&E / TEC s.r.l. - Tecnologia e Consulenza

Project for a new residential building in the rural context of Valpolicella.
The division of the internal units and of the internal spaces follow an imaginary regular grid broken by diagonal axes which determine inclinations both on the plans and on the facades. These differences are pointed out with a different treatment of the materials: the flat surfaces are finished with light plaster, the inclined ones with exposed brick masonry, in reference to the traditional local constructive system.

The longitudinal sides are treated differently according to the orientation: the south one is more open to benefit from the natural sunshine.

The tripartition of the cross sides is a referenc to the main facade of the Romanesque  churches, of which there is an important architectural reference nearby, the Pieve of San Floriano.

The treatment of the exposed brick masonry, open and permeable in some points, wants to be a clear reference to the traditional barns of the local rural architecture, but reinterpreted in a contemporary way.